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This day has been much anticipated. Despite swelling and bruising, today I got to see my new nose.

I awoke apprehensive as I was under the impression it would be painful removing the splint and stitches. By the time I arrived at the clinic I was prepared for pain and excited to see what I’d paid for. Using what I would describe as a large cotton wool bud dipped in adhesive remover, the nurse gently eased the splint away from my nose… Pop! Off it came, no pain! Next the stitches, snip, snip…out! I was surprised how easy it all was. She admired the surgeons work for a moment before asking if I was ready to view my new face. Drawing back a curtain she revealed a mirror…I was suddenly really nervous. ‘Hello new nose’ – It was strange, I was looking at me; the me I had looked at every single day; I looked the same yet different. I smiled, my nose is straighter, still swollen and bruised and not quite perfect but I really liked it. A sense of relief washed over me and I nearly began crying. On my way home I couldn’t help but catch sight of myself in every window. I decided to pop in to Superdrug and treat myself to some new make up. Once home I washed my face gently to try to remove some of the glue remaining. I then sat and with great care made up my new face for the first time. It was wonderful to look human again.

Next came the task of seeking approval from my loved ones, so I sent around some selfies and was pleased to receive lots of big thumbs ups. Now I simply have to wait for the bruises to heal and get some new head shots. 😀

G x