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Today has been emotionally tough.  I noticed a few things that got me panicking; first I saw that one nostril was much larger than the other;  secondly I realised I can’t smile properly.  Both of these observations made me cry but on calming down I realise that this is all likely because of the swelling.  My whole face from my top lip upwards is puffy.  I decided to put some ice carefully on my checks to try to help the swelling a little.

I am getting strange sensations in my nose; pressure, tingling and itching.  The worse thing has been the feeling like I am going to sneeze.  Luckily I have managed to avoid exploding but my research shows that if I do sneeze I must open my mouth to release the pressure…

More than anything I am just feeling fed up today, tired and feeling like an unattractive puffer fish.