I had such a long night.  My nose is packed with wadding so I can only breath through my mouth, meaning I kept snoring and waking myself up.  I also have to sleep upright for the next two weeks, all this meant I was awake every thirty minutes.  This wasn’t too bad as it meant I could keep taking on water to try and rehydrate.  At 6am I decided to put on the TV and nibbled at half a biscuit.  A few hours later I was given breakfast.  I had ordered a fry up but looking at it this morning I knew there was no way I could eat it.  So I picked at it to seem polite, and because I hadn’t eaten in 24hrs and knew I needed something.

I felt so woozy this morning.  The nurse took my vitals and said my bod pressure was low.  I am not in too much pain though, just discomfort.  At 8.30am the nurse came to remove my packing.  I wasn’t at all apprehensive as I thought it was simply removing a little cotton wool from my nose.  She warned that it would be uncomfortable and placed an open bag at my chin.  Two strings hung, one from each nostril and were tied together.  She took hold of this and pulled.  I felt the movement up my nose and the harder she pulled the tighter the pressure, then I realised that this went deep back into my nasal cavity and the more she pulled the more it stung.  Finally release!  Then opens the flood gates.  Im trying to tip my head forward to get the blood coming out of my nose, but the nurse is propping my head back, meaning it was flowing down my throat and I was swallowing it.  I tried spitting out as much as I could.  It took five minutes to settle.  What a palaver!   My nose now was stinging and throbbing.   I was brought a bowl of ice to suck on to stop the bleeding.

The boyfriend arrived.  Yey, someone I can share my gory stories with.  He helped me to shower and dress.  I have been told I must wear my surgical socks for a week, avoid hot (temperature) and spicy food and drinks.  No bending, lifting or exerting in any way for a few days.  In all honesty I feel a lot more knocked out than I had expected so I think I will just be on the couch anyway.  Finally the Surgeon came to tell me all went well but that the tip was slightly more complicated than expected, but that he thinks the result is good.  I received my paperwork and meds and headed home (Via public transport – not ideal but I had no choice).

Finally at home,  I have had to change my dressing under my nose a few times already.  The nurse said it should come off by the morning but it is still weeping lots.  My right eye is rather black and swollen.  My stitches are stinging a little and I feel pressure on the bridge but not enough for me to want to take my painkillers (they make me drowsy so I am avoiding if I can). My appetite is back but eating seems to set the bleeding off so I’m not eating much.  I am hoping the swelling will withdraw quickly so that I can get an idea of my new nose soon. G x