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One thing that can help any actor to maintain their sanity as well as longevity within their careers, is the art of letting it go.

For a majority of actors the auditions do not come as often as we would like, and at times the work can be just as sporadic.  This results in a strong desire to nail every golden opportunity.  So we work tirelessly to prepare for our five minutes in the room; we may buy a new outfit, plan out everything in advance, even lose sleep over it.   This desire and meticulous approach to the audition then culminates in sitting at home checking the phone…refreshing your emails…checking your phone…refreshing your emails…Arrgghhh…when will we find out the result.  For some of the bigger jobs which could mean your life changing completely in the next few weeks, this stale period after an audition can be really painful.

In most cases you never get that call or email to let you know that you were or weren’t successful.  This feeling of uncertainty in a lot of cases acts as the straw that breaks the camels back; many actors blaming it for giving up on the industry altogether and starting a new career.

When I walk into an audition, I go in with the notion that the job is mine, and that this is my first rehearsal or meeting of the crew.  When I walk out of the audition, I leave telling myself ‘you didn’t get it, never mind’.  This is not me being negative but my way of wrapping the whole experience up and putting it away so that it won’t taunt me.  If I then get the job, happy days, it’s a great surprise.  If I don’t then I have lost nothing.

I believe if you can learn to let go of each job as you walk out of the room, you will be a much happier actor.
G x