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AUDITION: Not entirely sure…All I know is it’s something filmed to advertise new sports wear technology.

LOCATION: Central London

TIME:  Afternoon

MONEY:  £300 – Good amount for a days filming but if this is for TV then this is awful.

I wasn’t overly sure what to expect today, I was simply told to wear gym clothes and be a competent runner.  I arrived in good time, felt completely relaxed (there was no script or singing to make me nervous).  I was called in to this beautiful little white box photographic studio.  Greeted by three friendly faces, two guys and a girl.  I wasn’t sure of their roles as they only gave me names.  The two guys got up to shake my hand; It’s quite nice when they do that, it’s like they appreciate that you have travelled for 40 minute to spend 7 minutes in a room with them.  One of the guys then approached me with a radio mic, suddenly I panicked…were there lines attached to the email that I had over looked…I looked to the chap behind the desk with a curious expression and he explained that they were simply going to ask me a few questions before we did the physical stuff.  Phew!  So being relaxed we had a nice little chat about sports and somehow we began talking about the fact that we were both from the same area of the country.  Then the mic was whipped off and I was asked to: jog on the spot, run around the studio at different speeds, act tired (easy enough), do ten sit ups and ten press ups.  All of which I managed whilst managing not to break a sweat.

And that was it.  It was one of those auditions that felt easy and positive and I came away believing I did my absolute best, so knowing there was nothing else I could have done I am very happy.  Fingers crossed I get a phone call.

G x